Susan Merritt, Instructor

Yoga Classes - Group and Private Sessions

Movement Made Accessible - Private Sessions

Susan Merritt, Director of Body&Soul

738 Chestnut Street   
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060


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“Susan Merritt is the kind of yoga teacher you search for – thorough knowledge of anatomy, great sense of humor, experience grounded in serious study and many years of teaching, and finally a serenity of spirit to help you find what you need from your yoga practice.” -Rhonda Martyn Faculty, Cabrillo College Dance Department

“Susan Merritt is a Santa Cruz treasure. As a Parkinson’s patient I have benefitted greatly from her help with my balance, posture, gait, and flexibility. She has been remarkably responsive to unpredictable changes of my fluidity and mobility. Her observant eye and supportive touch have given me a sense of accomplishment after each session. She is certainly an invaluable resource for our community.” -Student with Parkinson’s, who takes private sessions

“Susan’s astute eye for alignment and a natural understanding of movement progressions leaves me feeling wonderfully balanced physically as well as mentally, and ready for more. As a physical therapist, I feel very confident recommending Susan to my patients.” -Anne H., physical therapist

“I always feel safe in Susan’s classes. She’s really observant and fine-tunes everyone to the depth of the pose that is appropriate for their strength and flexibility.” -Susan R., a long term student